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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tuesday, the rabbi brought Breaking the Silence to his shul

You will recall that last week, I posted about a rabbi in Raleigh, North Carolina who is running a 'behind the scenes' tour of Israel designed to indoctrinate congregants with the 'Palestinian' narrative.

It has now come out that (a) the same rabbi took a group to meet Breaking the Silence (see more below on this organization) three weeks ago and (b) the rabbi's wife is the 'rabbi' at a local Hillel.

The following came to me by email.
As you know, Eric Solomon is running a rabidly anti-Israel, pro-terror trip out of Beth Meyer in March that he's actually selling in his own shul.

New development: I learned that Eric and Jenny Solomon co-chaired a trip in Israel July 4th for Breaking the Silence with the goal of bringing the movement to local communities.  http://www.truah.org/rabbisday.html

This isn't J Street or Jewish Voice for Peace, Breaking the Silence is the most virulently racist, anti-Semitic group operating.  They have just openly accused Israeli Jews of poisoning the drinking water of Arabs!   Israel has identified this group as an enemy and has taken actions to protect Israeli citizens and Jews abroad from their harm.  

Problem: Jenny Solomon is the new Rabbi at NC Hillel.  I interviewed her today and she told me her role was to "educate, provide spiritual guidance, and shape the Jewish identity of university students."  Jenny also told me that she 100% supports Breaking  the Silence.

So we have 2 rabbis in multiple Jewish institutions promoting anti-semetic, pro-terror education to children and adults young and old.  This is not an exaggeration - this is the situation.  

Along with others, I am involved in coordinating an international response including one from Israel. I ask you to please alert everyone in the community about the situation.  And, what can be done here?  Raleigh is now forming a response.

Eric is now trying to pretend  he is pro-Israel to let this blow over but it won't go away.  
J. Sloan Rachmuth
For those who are not familiar with Breaking the Silence....

Breaking the Silence is an Israeli group of useful idiots sponsored by anti-Semitic European governments via NGO's (you know, the ones for whom we adopted the NGO law), including by awarding them the Sakharov prize for 'human rights,' and also by UNICEF and Oxfam (think about that the next time an airline crew asks you for 'spare change'). It besmirches the IDF's name internationally.

It collects intelligence on the IDF which it shares with ????

Even the Arabs know that Breaking the Silence lies.

But not Jews in Raleigh, North Carolina....

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At 9:52 PM, Blogger ISRAEL DAVID ABITBOL said...

Hi Carl, and thank you for showing interest in this matter.
I live in Raleigh NC and aware of the situation very closly. I would love to talk with you personally regarding the current situation.


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