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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Abu Mazen nixes UN resolution calling for 'Palestinian Authority' rule in Gaza

(Linked article in tweet is in Hebrew. Short summary below).

The resolution was proposed in September right after Operation Protective Edge. Its goal was to ensure a stable cease fire between Hamas and Israel. But Abu Mazen saw it as a trap. He believed that if the 'Palestinian Authority' went into Gaza, he would have a fight with Hamas and the 'Palestinian' public would turn against him. If his forces went into Gaza and did not have a fight with Hamas, he believed that Israel would blame him every time Hamas shot a rocket. Abu Mazen also believed that the 'Palestinian Authority' going into Gaza would end the 'reconciliation' talks between Fatah and Hamas.

The resolution also called for funds to reconstruct Gaza. De facto, since a donors' meeting in October, very little money has been collected for that purpose.

One has to question whether Abu Mazen ever intends to unify the 'West Bank' and Gaza under his rule.

End of summary. My take. It's really quite simple. Abu Mazen prefers living to being in charge and having to meet expectations. If this ever happened, he'd be assassinated within a week.

I don't know whose idea this was, but I could have told you in a New York minute that Abu Mazen would never agree to it.

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