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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

And again: 'Palestinian' terrorist drives into crowd near light rail station, murders 3-montth old girl

A 'Palestinian' terrorist from the Silwan neighborhood of 'east' Jerusalem drove his car into a crowd of people disembarking from the light rail train at the Ammunition Hill station around 6:00 this evening. A three-month old baby was murdered, and at least eight other people were wounded. The terrorist was also wounded by a police officer who shot him as he tried to flee on foot. The terrorist has other terror convictions, and although it hasn't been officially confirmed yet, it appears that the terrorist was released as part of the terrorists for Gilad trade.

Let's go to the videotape.

The baby has been identified as three-month old Chaya Ziso HY"D (May God Avenge her blood). She is being buried around now, midnight Jerusalem time at the Har HaMenuchot cemetery on the western end of the city (we start funerals here until halfway through the night, which is about 12:30 these days).
Police have now confirmed (7:30 pm IST) that a Jerusalem police officer did shoot the driver, seriously wounding him after he attempted to flee from the scene on foot. 
One witness stated to the daily that the attack was "horrific" and that "people were screaming."
The area has been closed to traffic until further notice. Magen David Adom (MDA) medics, Hatzalah crews, and police have swamped the area. 
A spokesman for the emergency services said three people were seriously wounded. Another two people were moderately hurt and four more were said to have sustained light injuries.
One of the wounded, a three month-old girl, died after being rushed to Hadassah Har HaZofim (Mount Scopus). She has now (8:00 pm) been named as Chaya Ziso, hy"d. She will be laid to rest at Jerusalem's Har HaMenuchot cemetery at midnight. 
Shimon Helperin, the infant's grandfather, told Arutz Sheva that the Ziso family - which had been waiting for a child for years - had been returning from prayers at the Western Wall (Kotel) when they were struck by the terrorist. Helperin and his wife had arrived in Israel specifically to meet their grandchild on Wednesday and was forced to go immediately to the hospital, instead.
Read the whole thing.  Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

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