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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Kerry lied, IDF soldiers died

Please recall the August 1 'cease fire' during which Hamas ambushed IDF soldiers destroying terror tunnels and killed 23-year old Hadar Goldin HY"D (May God Avenge his blood). It now turns out that Hamas' agreement to that 'cease fire' may have been a figment of John Kerry's imagination from the get-go.
Citing Israeli officials who have confirmed fresh details that have come to light, Army Radio says that the incident appears to have been borne out of a misunderstanding between the two men who brokered the cease-fire – US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon – and the Israeli government.

Israel and the US accused Hamas of violating the cease-fire. For his part, Hamas diplomatic bureau chief Khaled Mashaal claimed that there was no violation of the truce, since Hamas never agreed to hold its fire against IDF soldiers who were operating on Gazan soil in search of tunnels.

Israeli officials confirmed to Army Radio that in retrospect Mashaal and Hamas never committed to a truce deal whereby it pledged not to act against IDF troops in Gaza even though Washington led the Israeli government to believe that Hamas did in fact promise to do just that.

Just before the cease-fire went into effect, Israeli officials were wary that Hamas would exploit the truce in order to launch attacks against soldiers and civilians.

“We demanded two things from the Americans,” a diplomatic source in Jerusalem is quoted as telling Army Radio. “We wanted a cease-fire, and we wanted complete freedom of operation against the tunnels, without the threat of coming under fire from Hamas.”

“We demanded it in writing, that Hamas accepts these conditions,” the official said. “There were also the statements to the press.”

Kerry broke the news of the three-day, unconditional truce in a statement to the media. A UN spokesperson also confirmed that as part of the cease-fire, IDF troops would be permitted to remain in place, where they would have a free hand to ferret out more tunnels. In other words, the perception in Israel was that Hamas had agreed to hold their fire while the IDF searched for tunnels in Gaza, what in hindsight turned out to be incorrect.

According to Army Radio, the US misled Israel, though Israeli officials do not believe there was any malicious intent on the part of Washington. Nonetheless, the mishap and breakdown in communication between the Israeli government and the Obama administration was symptomatic of an overall deterioration in trust, something which was amplified during the Gaza operation.
Deja vu all over again? (Click that link for another figment of Kerry's imagination). Kerry is an amateur.

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At 2:40 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

An amateur? The reason he is holding the title of "KhmerRouge Kerry" is that he is a partisan, not an amateur. And he and he Progressive Democrat Posse did not care about the 2.5 million slaughtered due to his lying drumbeat to get the U.S. out of SE Asia back in the day. He will lie and not care about dead people now. He doesn't "imagine," he manipulates. Remember that he was the 2004 Democrat nominee for the office of President. It's how they roll.2


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