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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Only in Israel: IAF pilot sends regards from parents to brother's comrade on IDF secure communication

I am one of the best Jewish Geography players around, and I can see myself doing something like this. But I can't think of any other military where this will happen. Here's an IAF pilot speaking to his brother in a brigade on the ground. He asks for a certain soldier and sends that soldier regards from the soldier's parents.

Let's go to the videotape. It's in Hebrew, but an English translation follows.

Hebrew Video: Israel Air Force pilot talking to his brother
Here is a rough translation:
Shalom, I was passing in the area
Do you have a company commander called Pasternack in
your battalion?
What radio frequency is he listening to?
He is listening to this one
Is a soldier named Yugev near you?
Off course he is, take him (talk to him)
Yugevi how is it going?
What's up?
The parents are worried
They send regards, yesterday they were at the front line and brought food
Besides that is everything ok?
Yes, I got everything. Tell them I also got the note
and it is in my pocket
and send regards
Get going, I will send regards, have a good time (slang)
and we will talk
Get going, bye

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