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Friday, August 08, 2014

Breaking: 18 is the magic number - IAF retaliates and Israel withdraws delegation from Cairo

It took 18 rockets, but the IDF has retaliated for the Hamas and Islamic Jihad strikes at Israel this morning. Israel has also withdrawn its delegation from the Cairo talks.

Senior government officials stated to Arutz Sheva Friday that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon had authorized the IDF to retaliate with force to a barrage of over 18 rockets on Israeli civilians Friday morning. 
The report surfaces less than one hour after Palestinian media sources reported possible airstrikes in northern Gaza.
"The IDF remains alert and maintains a high level of preparedness with both defensive capabilities, and striking capabilities in order to address the renewed aggression," the IDF added, in a press release. "The IDF is determined to defend the civilians of the state of Israel."
A military spokeswoman told AFP that no Israeli soldiers entered Gaza to carry out the strikes.
There has been "no change on the ground," she said.
Senior government officials also added that the Israeli delegation to Cairo has been recalled, and already landed in Israel as of 7:00 am Friday morning.
The announcement, if true, surfaces after several ministers called for an end to the negotiations, which Hamas and Islamic Jihad have insisted would continue despite continuing to fire rockets on Israel and despite rejecting an extension of a 72-hour ceasefire.

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