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Monday, August 11, 2014

BDS threatens L'Oreal division over product donations to female soldiers

The BDS movement is threatening to boycott the Garnier division of L'Oreal because its products were included in packages distributed for free to female IDF soldiers.
Garnier, owned by L’Oreal, has faced a backlash after their donated products were distributed in care packages by the StandWithUs Israel advocacy group. The products were donated by Garnier Israel. The care packages were publicized on the StandWithUs Facebook page, with a “shoutout” to Garnier for its contribution.
The company on Thursday tried to head off criticism with a statement on its Facebook page, in which it disassociated itself from the donation to the IDF.
“Garnier USA is aware of recent activity in social media. It is very important to us that our fans know that Garnier worldwide promotes peace and harmony and has a strict policy of not getting involved in any conflict or political matter. Garnier was astonished to discover this in social media. After investigation, the hand-out of about 500 products appeared to be part of a one-time local retailer initiative. Garnier disapproves of this initiative managed strictly at local level and is very sorry to have offended some of its fans.”
I would say that if you're in Israel, you should buy Garnier, but if you're anyplace else don't go out of your way. What a bunch of wimps. 

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