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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

How Hamas embeds itself among civilians

Linda Todd is a Christian who used to live in Gaza. In this post, she talks about how Hamas uses the civilian population to cover their terrorism.
What amazed me was the fact that this Hamas facility was so close to a “non-Hamas” neighborhood. It is not a secret and this is a common practice and I’m telling you, it’s frightening. Of course, my first thought was “Why is Israel bombing this neighborhood?” Then I was told about the Hamas facility. Yes, they do tuck their operations into residential areas and let civilians endure the consequences.
As soon as the facility was hit, there was no further bombing that night.
I attended church while in Gaza, and I was surprised to find a Hamas headquarters located directly across the street from the church, again in an area of Gaza City where I was told you wouldn’t necessarily expect to find Hamas supporters. I soon learned that the church has sustained damage during bombing one night.
When I worked in a school there, it was well known that Hamas occupied the high rise overlooking our school field. We could often see people staring down on us. The school kids would often stop and shout up at the people, telling them off, telling them to stop watching us. It was obvious to me that if that building ever became a target to bomb, the school would again sustain heavy damage. In fact, it did in the last large military action. Hamas is everywhere.
There seems to be no separation at all between terrorist and civilian areas, which is disgusting because they know there are civilians who don’t support them and yet they pop up everywhere.
Just wondering why 'human rights watch,'  B'Tselem, the UN 'human rights council' and all those other groups that claim to support human rights have nothing to say about this.

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