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Sunday, July 13, 2014

17-year old seriously injured by rocket fire in Ashkelon

Unfortunately, eventually, a rocket is likely to hit something. A 17-year old was seriously injured and a 60-year old was lightly injured by a rocket in Ashkelon on Sunday. Both were evacuated to the city's Barzilai Hospital.
A 17 year old boy has been seriously injured during the last volley of rockets fired on the city of Ashkelon, according to multiple sources, along with a 60 year-old man who suffered light injuries.
Both have been transferred to Barzilai Hospital for immediate medical treatment.
Islamic Jihad, not Hamas, has accepted responsibility for the rocket fire. 
Simon Logesi, head of Ashkelon Branch of Ichud Hatzalah, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the injured teen. 
"This is a rocket which landed near a building," he said. "The boy was hit by shrapnel."
"Following first aid, the boy received medical treatment by Hatzalah medics on the scene, and was brought to Barzilai Hospital were he is in serious condition," he added.
Both Logesi and Ashkelon mayor Itamar Shimoni encouraged all civilians to follow Home Front Command (HFC) instructions during a siren, and immediately go to protected areas and shelters in the event of an alarm.
But keep saying the rockets are harmless, 'international community.' If only it were so. 

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