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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

'Kill a terrorist every hour' Facebook page has nearly 20,000 likes

A Facebook page that calls for a terrorist to be killed every hour until the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers are returned has garnered nearly 20,000 likes since being posted on Saturday.
There is no indication of who established the page, which was created on June 13, one day after the abduction of the three teens in the West Bank. But according to statistics provided by Facebook under People Talking About This, the most popular age group for those who liked the page is 18 to 24 and the most popular location is Jerusalem.

The Facebook page Bring Back Our Boys, also established on June 13, has more than 93,000 likes.

“This page is part of our campaign to raise awareness about the kidnapping of three innocent young Israeli boys, on their way home from school, by the Hamas terrorist organization,” according to the description in the About section. People from around the world have posted photos of themselves on the page holding signs reading #BringBackOurBoys.
In addition to exposing Facebook pages belonging to terrorists, the page also discusses (in Hebrew) how other countries deal with terrorists. Here's an example.
What do you say about the way in which the Russians freed four of their embassy employees who were kidnapped in Lebanon?
On September 30, 1985, four Russian embassy employees were kidnapped in Beirut. When they saw that threats and pressure were not helping, the Russians decided to use some less delicate measures. They kidnapped two people who were part of a tribe that was close to the kidnappers. Two days afterward, one of them was thrown in front of his family's home. His throat had been slits and his sex organ had been stuffed into his mouth. The body had a notice attached which clarified that if the diplomats were not freed, the second kidnapper would receive similar treatment. The kidnapped [embassy employees] were immediately released. Since then, there have been no attempted kidnappings of Russian civilians. 
(From the book "The State of Israel will do everything" by Ronen Bregman - and thanks to the dear surfer who pointed out the story)

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