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Sunday, June 08, 2014

A new kind of 'honor killing'

A 29-year old Turkish man has invented a new excuse for an honor killing. He murdered his wife for... wait for it.... having a girl.
The 29-year-old from southeastern Diyarbakir province does not deny murdering his wife by placing a live electric cable under her chin as she slept, a day after their second baby girl was born in January, the report said.
The Turkish Vatan newspaper published on its front page a transcript of a telephone call the man placed to police in which he announced his murderous intent, in real time.
“I killed someone,” the man told the police operator, according to the transcript.
“Who did you kill?” asked the officer on the other end.
“I am killing my wife right now,” said the man.
“Did you kill her or are you killing her?” the officer asked.
“Well, she isn't dead yet. But I am killing her if the murder is halal (permissible in Islam),” the man replied.
The officer then asked if the suspect had a problem with his wife.
“I am telling you that I killed my wife but you are asking what the problem was,” the man replied.
“I closed her mouth as she is in the throes of death,” he then said.
At that point the police operator snapped into action, “OK, wait. I am sending a unit”.
A defense lawyer told the court at a hearing Wednesday that his client killed his wife because she gave birth to “a girl once again”.
The suspect, a waiter at a local restaurant in the Kurdish-majority region, also has a four-year-old daughter.
And they call it the 'religion of peace'.... Think of that when you hear them wailing Allahu Akhbar at 3:30 am tomorrow. 

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At 10:14 AM, Blogger Inmemoryof Yossi said...

Stupid moron. It's HIS fault it was a girl.

At 3:05 PM, Blogger danny said...

Where's the outrage??

At 2:09 PM, Blogger Farah El Deeb said...

I'd like to comment on the story. First Islam came and forbade killing and burying girls alive but that's not the point. If one man out of all the Muslims committed an unforgivable crime, as an individual he should be blamed and definitely punished not the entire religion along with every Muslim. Islam as a religion calls for peace and justice just the same as any other religion. Please narrate the story in an unbiased manner.Thank you.


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