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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Congress wants to deny aid to 'Palestinians' until incitement stops: Will Obama veto it?

The House Appropriations Committee is taking up a bill to suspend aid to the 'Palestinian Authority' until a reliable report is issued that shows that incitement against the Jewish State is on the decline.
Channel 2 reports Saturday night that the US Congress House Appropriations Committee is debating cutting off aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) unless its ongoing incitement against Israel stops or is significantly curtailed. 
Under the new law, aid to the PA will be frozen until a reliable report is released proving that it has begun cutting down its incitement against the Jewish state. 
US lawmakers believe that the bill is expected to pass by a large majority vote in Congress, according to the daily. Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz spoke with several US Congress members earlier this week and expressed his appreciation about the legislative initiative.
"I met this week with members of Congress and thanked them for proposing a law designed to stop the incitement against Israel in the Palestinian Authority," Steinitz stated Saturday. "The initiative would curtail the aid that the US gives to the Palestinian Authority until it stops or at least significantly reduces the level of incitement it levies against Israel."  Steinitz added that the precondition of reliable accountability for PA incitement before aid resumes is a major step to solving the ongoing incitement problem. 
Steinitz recently turned down a joint committee with the US over the PA's incitement against Israel, citing concerns that a committee would be ineffective. 
"There is no point in convening a committee that will be a cover-up for continued incitement by the Palestinian Authority," he stated.
But here's the real question: Will Obama veto any legislation on the issue? Because you can bet that President Hussein Obama and his Secretary of State John FN Kerry are going to oppose this.... 

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At 12:49 AM, Blogger Lois Koenig said...

Carl, I would not trust Hussein as far as I could throw him!


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