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Monday, January 06, 2014

Kerry to be forced to take step back?

Here's a cartoon from Haaretz. Will John Kerry be forced to take a step back in order to get a framework agreement (which is all he is now seeking)?

Thankfully, Kerry has left our region without a framework deal.
With the US remaining tight-lipped about the details, little news has filtered out about Kerry's proposals to bridge the huge gaps between the two sides as they seek to draw up the contours of two states living side-by-side.
But talks appear to have focused on security in the Jordan Valley, on the border between the West Bank and Jordan, as well as the fate of Jerusalem, which both sides claim as their future capital.
Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be key to any deal.
Not only does Jordan border the occupied West Bank, it also has a historic role in the guardianship of Muslim sites in Israeli-annexed Arab east Jerusalem which is recognised under their 1994 peace treaty,.
Saudi Arabia authored a 2002 peace plan which is the basis of Arab aspirations for any settlements.
Kerry emerged from talks at the secluded desert residence of Saudi King Abdullah late Sunday to say he had won the support of the influential Arab leader.
"His Majesty was not just encouraging, but supported our efforts and hopes that we can be successful in the days ahead and believes that this is important for the region and that there are great benefits that will come to everybody if we're able to be successful," Kerry said.
Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal agreed it had been "an excellent meeting."
Even Kerry is acknowledging that his efforts might not succeed.
"But I cannot tell you when particularly the last pieces may decide to fall into place or may fall on the floor and leave the puzzle unfinished. That's exactly what makes this such a challenge, and also so interesting at the same time."
The puzzle pieces that fall onto the floor are apparently of no concern to Kerry. But here in Israel, at Ground Zero, we worry that those puzzle pieces are going to cost a lot of lives, God Forbid.

What could go wrong?

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At 7:01 PM, Blogger jlevyellow said...

I note with dismay but not surprise that the HaAretz cartoon depicts Netanyahu with a long pointed nose, while Abbas and Kerry have normal noses. That is a Der Sturmer throwback that was typical of anti-semitic stereotyped Jews. As far as I can tell, Netanyahu's nose is not disproportionately large in real life. Thus, HaAretz should own this warping of reality.


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