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Monday, November 18, 2013

Your taxes at work: 'Cash strapped' 'Palestinian Authority' gives freed terrorist murderers $50,000 each

Israel has thus far released 52 of the 104 terrorist murderers it promised to release as a bribe to the 'Palestinians' to return to 'peace talks' sponsored by Obama-Kerry. Israel Radio reports this morning that  'Moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen has given each of his released heroes a sum of $50,000 as a reward. Of course, since the 'Palestinian Authority' is perpetually broke, that's $2.6 million of your taxes so far, with $2.6 million to go. Aren't you glad that Obama and Kerry are facilitating such a wise use of your taxes?
According to Israel Radio, upon their release, each of the freed Palestinians received a $50,000 payment from the Ramallah government. In addition, they are also given a monthly stipend that ranges from NIS 8,000 – 14,000 in addition to other state benefits and perks.
A senior Palestinian official told Israel Radio that the goal of the largesse is to enable the newly-released men to “begin their lives anew” and re-acclimate themselves to society.
Two years ago, a right-wing NGO issued a report detailing a PA-law that granted monthly salaries to Palestinians and Israeli Arabs imprisoned for terrorism.
The report by Palestinian Media Watch found that those serving sentences of more than 20 years will receive higher salaries. Salaries are to be paid from the day of arrest until release.
The PMW report points out that more than 6,000 Palestinians are currently serving time in Israeli prisons for terror-related offenses.
Given the current exchange rate of about NIS 3.52 to the dollar, NIS 8,000 - NIS 14,000 per month may not sound like a lot of money. But  since that payment is net(to), it's more than most Israelis bring home every month.

Read the whole thing.

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