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Monday, November 11, 2013

Kerry lies again?

Speaking in the UAE on Monday, US Secretary of State John FN Kerry claimed that the P 5+1 were unified on the proposal presented in Geneva over the weekend. It was, claimed Kerry, Iran that backed out.
Kerry, who spoke during a visit to the United Arab Emirates, said "the P5+1 (6 world powers negotiating with Iran) was unified on Saturday when we presented our proposal to the Iranians... But Iran couldn't take it, at that particular moment they weren't able to accept."
But Kerry's claim contradicts claims by both France and Iran that it was France that torpedoed the deal.
Kerry's assessment of Iranian responsibility conflicts with Iranian accusations that French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius blocked the deal. Indeed Republican lawmakers in the US, foremost among them Senator John McCain, on Sunday praised France for preventing a bad deal with Iran.
Kerry's statement that the negotiating delegations presented a unified proposal also conflicts with Fabius's comment on Saturday when he said "there is an initial draft that we do not accept... As we speak, I have no certainty that we can finish up."
Kerry's comments are seen by many as an attempt to deflect criticism for rushing to sign a deal, particularly criticism coming from Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu

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At 2:58 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Hitching your wagon to an old hippie with 2+ mil notches in his belt from past maneuvering on behalf of the spread of totalitarian communism does not seem to have been a good idea, regardless of the flattery involved in being feted by the Gaia/BigData Wings of the Start Up Planet. Ascribing to the Obama/Hillary2016/KhmerRouge Kerry the motivations that Free Market, Constitution-Based Americans have had in the past is not rational. Why the surprise now?


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