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Friday, September 13, 2013

Waiting for the apology that will never come

Michael Freund reports on those waiting in vain for an apology from the people who brought us the disastrous Oslo Accords.
Instead of harmony, Oslo brought horror, resulting in an immediate, predictable, and painfully prolonged wave of stabbings, shootings, and suicide bombings.
Here is a simple fact which speaks volumes: in the five years after Oslo, more Israelis were killed by Palestinian terrorists than in the 15 years prior to the signing of the agreement. A total of 279 men, women and children were murdered in the half-decade following the accords, while 254 were killed in the previous 15 years.
And in the two decades since Rabin and Arafat exchanged handshakes with President Clinton looking on, more than 1,400 Israelis have lost their lives to Palestinian terror.
By all measures, Oslo was a disaster. It divided the people and land of Israel, failed to bring peace, established a hostile Palestinian entity, weakened the Jewish state’s deterrence posture and empowered Hamas.
One might have expected that the main culprits behind this catastrophe would at least have had the intellectual honesty to come clean and take responsibility for the fiasco. But like a fretful husband who has gambled away his paycheck at the blackjack table, they prefer instead to deny reality and blame the deck of cards rather than own up to their actions.
Read the whole thing.  You'll learn a lot about Uri Savir (from the previous post) among others.

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