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Monday, August 05, 2013

Only in Berkeley: Helen Thomas Day

In Berkeley (where else?), they held Helen Thomas Day on Sunday.

And some unconfirmed facts about the sponsor, the 'Middle East Children's Alliance' (from a friend in the area):
While Middle East Children’s Alliance is marginal, it is Jewish led (of course!) by one Barbara Lubin.  It raises some $4 million per year to disburse to “children’s charities” in the Middle East, meaning mostly Gaza.  None of the money goes to Middle Eastern children who happen to be Jewish and live in the Jewish state.  MECA (an apt acronym) is one of the Bay Area’s most active anti-Israel NGOs, having served as the fiscal sponsor for the ISM, and I believe also the JVP.
A true benefactor of self-hating Jews.... 

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