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Friday, May 31, 2013

Report: Haredi yeshiva student attacked in bus station by IDF soldiers

A deeply disturbing report on a Haredi web site (link in Hebrew) claims that four IDF soldiers - apparently pictured above - tried to force a yeshiva student out of the line for a bus from Jerusalem to Bat Yam this past week, including physically attacking him to force him out of the line.

According to the report, which is described in some detail on the Facebook page of Haredi yeshiva student Eliran Sabah, four soldiers approached him while he was standing in line for a 404 bus from Jerusalem to Bat Yam in the Central Bus Station, and demanded that he give up his place in line, because they serve in the IDF and he is 'simply a parasite.' (As of now, by the way, that Facebook page doesn't work, nor does the video in the first link - I suspect someone complained to Facebook and they did the wrong thing for a change...).

When that didn't work, they called him a 'disgusting Haredi' and a draft dodger, and tried to physically force him out of the line. The female soldier attempted to grab and destroy Sabah's cell phone, with which he was documenting the incident, claiming that 'I am a soldier in the IDF and therefore you must respect me.'

Sabah, who claims that he seriously considered enlisting (a Haredi with a Facebook page is unusual in this country, and I suspect that Sabah is in fact much more open than the average Haredi), says that he will file a complaint with the military police.

And from his hot oven in the heat of summer, many levels below the ground, Tommy Lapid SR"Y is smiling at the civil war that his son Yair has wrought.

Et Tu Dov Lipman?

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