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Friday, May 24, 2013

'Palestinians' answer Kerry

In both Jerusalem and Ramallah on Thursday, US Secretary of State John FN Kerry called on both Israelis and 'Palestinians' to 'compromise for peace.'
“Our hope is that the leaders in both Israel and the Palestinian Authority will find a way to compromise,” Kerry told President Shimon Peres.


Kerry responded, “It’s not me, Mr. President. It’s really a question of whether Israel and the Palestinians make the choices.”
But the 'Palestinians' gave their answer to Kerry three times in the last two weeks (May 10, May 14 and May 21) - most recently on Tuesday - via this video broadcast on official, government controlled 'Palestinian Authority.' Television.

Let's go to the videotape.

And in case you think this is only about the territory liberated by Israel in 1967....
Each text appeared on the screen with pictures of mostly unidentified old buildings, implying that they, like Jaffa mentioned in the last statement, are inside "Palestine" and that the PA is claiming them.

Also significant are the political messages that the PA will neither agree to a truce nor compromise.

Palestinian Media Watch has documented that it is PA policy not to recognize Israel's existence or right to exist.
Maybe Mr. Kerry thinks that Israeli prosperity is stopping the 'Palestinians' from compromising too....  For the record, Jaffa is part of Tel Aviv....


Almost forgot to mention this.... When Kerry arrived in Ramallah on Thursday, dozens of 'Palestinians' demonstrated outside Abu Bluff's office protesting US 'bias' in favor of Israel. Rumors that the protests were orchestrated by George Soros and J Street could not be confirmed.

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