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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Assad to declare war on Israel?

Would he, could he be this stupid?
Rumours are surfacing online that following the latest volley of attacks on the Syrian regime, President Bashar al-Assad will soon officially declare war on Israel, with speculators pointing to 5am local time for official confirmation. This information continues to persist despite the technical state of war that currently exists between the two states.
Many however, have been quick to dismiss these reports as strictly rumour, with various commentators claiming that such a move would be sure to end Assad's reign of terror in Syria "within a week".


UPDATE 03:15am GMT: 5am local time in Syria has passed without comment from military authorities or the Assad regime. Speculation continues about the nature of the attack with some insisting that Israel's weaponry was "nuclear-like", that chemicals can be "smelt" in the air, and that the attack was co-ordinated by Israel with help from Syrian rebel forces.
UPDATE: 04:36am GMT: Sources suggest that Qassiyoun mountain was the home to many stationed Assad forces, with some projections claiming over 10,000 could have been stationed in and around the area.
 Nah, even Assad isn't dumb or desperate enough to do that. He's not going to declare war on Israel. Is he?

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At 6:07 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Remember all the videos from years past... how much of the big booms were secondary explosions, as opposed to the initial hit?


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