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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

OMG: US to put 'our friends the Saudis' on trusted traveler list

You might recall some of the stories that came out after 9/11 about how easy it was to get a visa to the US from Saudi Arabia, the country that was the birthplace of 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers. The US is about to make the same mistake again. The Obama administration is about to put 'our friends the Saudis' on the trusted traveler program, the program that does not require a visa for entry into the United States. This is Michelle Malkin:
According to a new report released this week by the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT), President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security plans to bestow “trusted traveler” status to travelers from Saudi Arabia. Yes, the home of 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers will soon enjoy the exclusive privilege of new entry shortcuts into the U.S.
Fox News points out: “Only an exclusive handful of countries enjoy inclusion in the Global Entry program: Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the Netherlands. According to the IPT, some officials are questioning why Saudi Arabia gets to reap the benefits of the program, when key U.S. allies like Germany and France are not enrolled.”
Saudi suck-up Janet Napolitano, head of the Department of Homeland Security, hailed “the bond between the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” and pledged to work with the government to facilitate “legitimate trade and travel.”
This foolish move is astonishing but not unprecedented. As I noted in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration had created its own fast-pass system for Saudi elites called “Visa Express.” Thanks to this GOP idiocy, three of the 9/11 hijackers skipped the usual consular interview process and bypassed long lines in the hot Saudi sun.
Throughout the jihadist-coddling Saudi kingdom, applicants could simply file their visa paperwork through travel agencies and courier companies for a small fee — without having to appear in person or submit to extensive background checks. The U.S. embassy in Riyadh bragged before 9/11: “Applicants will no longer have to take time off from work, no longer have to wait in long lines under the hot sun and in crowded waiting rooms, and no longer be limited by any time constraints.”
What could go wrong?

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At 11:49 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Why not? We let in millions of Mexicans in with no paperwork at all and we're giving them drivers' licenses.

At 11:52 PM, Blogger HaDaR said...

Mo'adim LeSimchà!
Why the surprise? There is a long tradition of subservience to the Saudis. Have you forgotten who has been giving them advanced fighter jets for decades? Ask around and try to find out what's the percentage of Wall Street stocks that the Saudis own...besides all the rest... Of course even on the right they speak of or hint at the "Jewish financial power", but they are COMPLETELY MUM on the real power...
The fact that the Bush family has always been in bed with the Saudis - even at a personal level, with the Saudi royal princes and princesses over at the Bush's in Texas, added to the education they have received in the family, considering that grandpa' Prescott was THE Third Reich's banker in the US, to the point of having his bank closed in 1942 for "Trading With The Enemy", is what kept me away from the polls between 2000 and 2008. IF you want to do good, you must STAY AWAY from evil, Our Sages OBM teach.
However, even if it might come as news to some, the most incredible OIL BASED SUBSERVIENCE to the Saudi Satraps did not start recently: it started in the 1920's, with ARAMCO and the Dulles Brothers. SEVERAL wars were fought for the Saudis and for the Saudis only...NOT for democracy, since democracy and wahhabism have NOTHING in common, except OIL (so you'll better get who and what really motivated people like Johnson, Cheney, Baker, etc.).
If you can see that, you can understand Bush being THE FIRST sitting US President to speak of a "Palestinian State" and pushing for the Saudi sponsored "Road Map"... (to Israel's demise)
One of the best text I have read on the issue is John Loftus & Mark Aron: "The Secret War Against The Jews". Get it ( http://www.amazon.com/Secret-War-Against-Jews-Espionage/dp/0312156480 ) it's money well spent and you are in for some surprises...

At 6:00 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

IF you want to do good, you must STAY AWAY from evil, Our Sages OBM teach.

HaDaR - citations so I can read?

We have a bunch of people drumming for a pushback on the Gaia Green $lu$h fraudsters, who have been using the US Govt EPA to flatten the competition (e.g., oil, gas, coal, nuke). Huge reserves being found and accessed with fracking (which the UK founder of the Gaia Distortion says is the way to actually reduce carbon emissions. Ha!) Anti-fracking Hollywood fraudery is being financed by the Saudis, etc. US will pass up Saudi in oil by 2020, Russia in natural gas by 2020. So we will not be under anybody's thumb, although the Progressive Dems may have us all rounded up out here by then...

And I'll get that book you suggest. On a sale table at a book store, I once saw a book about anti-semitism obscured in the army. I am such a military fan, having grown up in a military brat milieu that our age group is raving about in FB alumni groups for its amazing non-prejudice, that I set it down, stunned. I should have bought it then, because thinking to find out what they were talking about in that book, I've looked for the title on the internet and can't find it. I'll let you guys know if I ever do relocate the info.

At 9:13 PM, Blogger HaDaR said...

IF you want to do good, you must STAY AWAY from evil, Our Sages OBM teach.
It's referred to Psalm 34:15: "ס֣וּר מֵ֭רָע וַעֲשֵׂה־טֹ֑וב" [stay away from evil and do good]. Here RaDa"K, Rabbi david Kimchi (in all Miqraoth Ghedoloth) explains it the best saying that you have to stay away from evil if you want to do good, otherwise you can't.

At 9:18 PM, Blogger HaDaR said...

As far as John Loftus is concerned, it might be useful to know that he has THE HIGHEST security clearance possible, directly from Congress, to put his nose on all CIA and FBI and State Department docs, since he was in charge of hunting nazis who have come to the US after W.W. II and part of his job was snooping in papers most people didn't even know existed.
He is VERY pro-Israel, and, BTW, he is not Jewish...

At 11:55 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Hmm... so does this mean if my state has rotted, cheater voter rolls, I should, what, move to (where?) rather than trying to get something done (the lawyers should be doing something!) so that the people who did it don't get to take over the whole place? I'd have to resume my refugee life (one of my friends told me that's what my upbringing was, or another said it was a gypsy life) to keep moving away from Evil. I feel more like fighting these things. Hmm...

At 12:06 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

I wonder if this is the book I saw...


The subheading sure looks like what I remember. HaDaR, have you heard of this guy Bendersky?

At 12:22 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Yikes. A couple of the reviews for the book I linked are pretty nauseating. But others make it look like that book (author: history prof in Virginia) could be enlightening. Hmm.

At 9:18 AM, Blogger HaDaR said...

I did not know the book nor the author.
It seems interesting.
The comments on Amazon are typical staple of classical antisemites between 1917-1956: Jews are Bolsheviks. That's what also Mussolini and Hitler used to say, and of course American antisemites.


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