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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Playing 20 questions over a Mossad agents death

We know how, when and where Australian immigrant Ben Zygier died but we still have no idea why he was there in the first place. And on Tuesday night, the Prime Minister's office denied speculation that Zygier had turned state secrets over to Australia's intelligence agency.
Ben Zygier had no connection to Australian security services or organizations, the Prime Minister's Office stated Tuesday amid speculation that the alleged Mossad operative was jailed for providing sensitive information to foreign agencies.
"Between the government of Israel and all its agencies, and the government of Australia and the Australian security agencies, there is excellent cooperation, full coordination and complete transparency in dealing with current issues," the Prime Minister's Office stated.
An inquest concluded in December determined that Zygier hung himself in his cell's shower, which was out of range of surveillance cameras. The Israel Prisons Service is being blamed. Open and shut case? Don't  bet on it. We will hear plenty more about this in the coming days.



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