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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

IDF deploys third Iron Dome to north

The IDF has deployed a third Iron Dome anti-missile system at an undisclosed location in Northern Israel.
An army spokeswoman said that the anti-rocket systems were continuously in the process of being moved, and did not draw a link to the deployment with any current events.  
Army Radio said the movement of the third battery means that the largest number of Iron Dome systems have been deployed in northern Israel to date.
The Army Radio report said that the deployment "does not signal pinpoint information on an expected missile attack on Israel, but in light of the reports of an Israeli attack in Syria [last week], and the threats being heard in Lebanon and Iran, the IDF is not taking any chances." Days before the air strike, the IDF deployed two Iron Dome batteries to the North, including one moved to the greater Haifa area, amid reports that the IDF was allowing the possibility of the transfer of chemical weapons from Syria to radical sides.

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