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Monday, December 10, 2012

PA to Hamas: 'Thank you for being my friend'

If I were convinced that there is ultimately any difference between Fatah and Hamas, I might look at this in distress (as the Israeli government probably is) and say 'Oy vey! The 'Palestinian Authority' is no longer doing its part to prevent terrorism! But since I foster no delusions that Fatah intends that we meet a different fate from the one Hamas wishes for us, when I see that the 'Palestinian Authority' is 'no longer fighting terrorism' (as if they ever did) and that it has granted Hamas permission to hold a rally in beautiful downtown Ramallah, all I can do is hope and pray that this give the morons who have way too much influence in this country the moral clarity to finally understand that there is no 'peace partner' and indeed there has never been one.

This is from the second link:
Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank have quietly stopped operations against Hamas in recent weeks, an Israeli newspaper reported on Sunday, as a top Fatah figure in the West Bank said prospects for Fatah-Hamas unity were “better than ever.”
The unofficial move to halt PA West Bank security operations against Hamas, which is expected to have a wide impact on the security situation in the area, is reportedly part of a reconciliation effort between Palestinian organizations in the wake of Operation Pillar of Defense and the UN vote to grant “Palestine” nonmember observer state status.
Palestinian Authority security forces are widely credited as playing a major role in maintaining the relative calm in the West Bank over recent years. The agreement to lay off Hamas, as reported by Maariv, coupled with an increase in security incidents in the West Bank since the Israeli-Hamas ceasefire of nearly three weeks ago and the political changes in the region, has reportedly caused the IDF and Shin Bet to plan for a “new era” in the West Bank, and for the possibility of growing violence and intifada-like activity.
And this is from the third link:
The festival, to take place on Thursday, will feature speeches from Hamas leaders. Hamas had earlier approved plans for Fatah, its rival that controls the PA, to celebrate its own anniversary in Gaza.
The most recent sign of reconciliation between the factions follows Fatah's participation in the Gaza version of Hamas's 25th anniversary celebration on Saturday.
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced Sunday that he planned to head to Cairo soon to resume reconciliation talks with Hamas.
“Reconciliation [with Hamas] is dear to us and the unity of our people,” Abbas told the Arab League in Doha, Qatar.
Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal agreed. He told an audience at Gaza’s Islamic University that “responsibility for Palestine is bigger than one faction alone... Hamas cannot do without Fatah and Fatah cannot do without Hamas.”
So we're heading back to the days of the second intifada, in which Hamas carried out terror attacks for Yasser Arafat while he continued to maintain the delusion that Fatah had nothing to do with it? What could go wrong? 

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