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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Huge majority of Israelis supported Operation Pillar of Defense

A huge majority of Israeli Jews and even a fair number of 'Israeli Arabs' supported Operation Pillar of Defense according to a new poll by the Tel Aviv University Peace Index.
The poll, conducted by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University, shows that an overwhelming majority of Israelis (79 percent) said the government's decision to launch the operation was justified, including 84% of Jewish Israelis and 47% of Israeli Arabs.

Support for Operation Pillar of Defense was not limited to one side of the political map, Israeli Jews from across the political spectrum supported the operation; 74% of people self-identifying with the Left, 86% of centrists and 89% of right-wing Israelis.

The majority of Jewish Israelis (57%) agreed with the government's decision to end the operation when it did, but a large minority of 41% opposed the decision.

Fifty-three percent of the Israeli Jews who supported the operation believe its goals were achieved, the survey showed. Thirty-seven percent of the public thought Israel's deterrence was strengthened, while 37% believe it remained unchanged.

Regarding the cease-fire that ended the operation, a majority (55%) of the Israeli public said they believe the quiet will last up to a year, with just under a third of the respondents saying they believe it will last only a few months.

Asked about the influence Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi had on ending the round of violence, two-thirds of Israelis said he had a positive impact.

Asked about peace rather than war, most Israelis believe the government should engage in peace talks with the Palestinian Authority, but an even larger number said they don't believe those negotiations will lead to peace.
Part of the poll was taken before the UN decision last Thursday (the dates are November 28 - December 2 and the UN decision was November 29 late at night here). I have to wonder whether the percentages of those who still want 'peace talks' changed after last Thursday. 



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