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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Foreign ministry 'rejects' Lieberman campaign to tell the truth about Abu Bluff

In what country do senior employees of a ministry have the power to reject out of hand a program proposed by the Minister? In Israel, of course.

The Times of Israel reports that senior foreign ministry officials have rejected a smear campaign to tell the truth about 'moderate' 'Palestinian' President Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen. Lieberman wants to publicize things that you know because you read this blog, but about which the average reader of the New York Times or Haaretz has no clue. Things like the fact that he wrote a PhD thesis denying the Holocaust, that he financed the Munich Olympic Massacre and that he has praised the Mufti (see the graphic above).

But Israel's 'diplomats' -  the people who meet with J Street and denigrate government officials, and make their own foreign policy when they're not being found in the streets drunk and naked - don't like Lieberman's plan. And so, Lieberman is prevented from implementing his own program through the Foreign Ministry. Un...believeable.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on Monday proposed that Israel’s five principle embassies in Europe publish full-page advertisements in major European newspapers denigrating Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, but senior Foreign Ministry officials reportedly shot down his proposal, calling it “an idea divorced from reality.”
After the Foreign Ministry and Israeli embassies in question refused to foot the bill for the ads — which is estimated to run into the hundreds of thousands of euros — the World Jewish Congress agreed to pay for the campaign and sign its name on them, Maariv reported.
However, a WJC spokesperson Monday night was not aware of the initiative, and it was not immediately clear when the ads might run.
Walla news reported that the ads will depict Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal as a terrorist, and Abbas as peace rejectionist because of his recent silence in the face of Mashaal’s calls for Israel’s violent destruction.


According to Liberman’s office, Jewish organizations inquired as to what they could do to counter “the world’s silence regarding Mashaal’s demonizing and inciting statements against Israel and Abbas’s complicity with them.”
At Liberman’s suggestion, ads to be run in British, French, Spanish, German and Italian newspapers will be directed at convincing Europeans of Abbas’s alleged connection to Hamas’s terrorism, and highlighting the fact he did not criticize Mashaal for saying he would “not give up an inch of Palestine,” and that “Jihad and armed resistance is the only way.”
“We don’t remember any time that we operated this way, through ads rather than forwarding personal messages or interviews with the media,” a Foreign Ministry source told Maariv. “An ad of this kind doesn’t transmit trustworthiness.”
“Europe regards Abbas as a ‘good guy’ who they need to help and strengthen. When Israel attacks him with advertisements, we come across poorly,” it said.
“We are marked as the ‘bad guys’ because of the decision to advance construction plans in the West Bank. The ads simply don’t obtain our objectives, and only increase the absurdity of Israel’s stance in the eyes of European public opinion.”
So despite the fact that nearly everyone outside the Foreign Ministry in Israel knows that Abu Mazen is not a 'peace partner,' we're not going to tell the truth because it's not what Europe wants to hear?!? Isn't that what we did with Arafat and it cost over 1,000 Israeli lives before anyone - and it was really only the Bush administration - was willing to hear the truth? And they call this 'hasbara'? What the....

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At 6:27 PM, Blogger HaDaR said...

The foreign ministry has been controlled by Peres and his cronies for almost 40 years!

Such refusal doesn't come as a surprise at all to me.

ALL the mid and lo level people in any way connected to the Foreign Ministry (from the Jewish Agency, to schlichim around the world, to KKL representatives, to consulate personnel, etc.) HAVE TO BE PASSED by Peres' appointees in the Foreign Ministry.


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