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Saturday, December 08, 2012

100 Italian MP's sign petition against government's vote for 'Palestine'

100 Italian members of parliament have signed a petition against their own government's vote in favor of 'Palestine' at the United Nations General Assembly last week. This story came to me by email from Italian MP Fiamma Nirenstein (pictured above).
Statement by Hon Fiamma Nirenstein, Vice-President of the Foreign Affairs Committee

"To my satisfaction, a staunch opposition against the Government’s decision to vote on November 29th for the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian non-member state has been translated into political value by one hundred signatures of PDL Members of Parliament. This open letter, whose first subscriber is Fabrizio Cicchitto, Chamber PDL group leader, harshly criticizes both methods and contents of the government’s choice” explains Nirenstein. “First of all, regarding the methods: the political stance of the Parliament that the current government ought to represent has not only been totally disregarded, but actually overturned. Secondly, the avail to the Palestinian rejection to relate with Israel, hence to recognize it as a Jewish State, is fully inconsistent with the Italian position which promotes the peace process through negotiations. The government choice dismantles negotiations, falling in line with one of the usual automatic decisions of the United Nations, which never miss a chance to delegitimize Israel.”
Rome, December 7th, 2012

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At 12:31 PM, Blogger Dr. T said...

Nice to see this, but I think it represents only 1/10 of the Italian parliament seats.


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