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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sad video: Israeli kids 'playing' tzeva adom (color red, i.e. rocket warning) in the park

Why is Operation Pillar of Defense necessary? Because rockets have become too much a part of the reality of daily life for kids in southern Israel.

Danielle Schreiber writes: "We took the kids away from the bombed south during operation Pillar of Defense. Even in safety, they still sense the threat. Take a look at their playground games..."

Let's go to the videotape (Hat Tip: David B).

My 8-year old walked in here while I was watching this video (with headsets on, but he reads English and could understand the subtitles). He asked me what the kids were doing, and I told  him they were 'playing' tzeva adom (all Israeli kids know what tzeva adom is, even if they don't live in the south). His response was 'why would they do that?'

For the same reason my 27-year old used to 'play' pigua (terror attack) when he was 10. In the spring of 1996, there were two suicide bombings on Jerusalem's number 18 bus on consecutive Sunday mornings. Son # 1, child # 2 coped with that by building elaborate street scenes with his Lego set and then shouting pigua and knocking them down. Basically, they're coping by turning their reality into a game. Around that time, we stopped the younger kids' riding the public buses to school for several years.

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