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Friday, November 23, 2012

Not Right v. Left, but Israeli v. Jew

Moshe Feiglin argues that the real divide in Israel is not between Right and Left but between Israelis and Jews.
After the Pillar of Defense cease fire, many now understand what we understood after the Zo Artzeinu demonstrations: The Israeli crisis is not on the continuum between Right and Left. It is on the continuum between Israelis and their Jewish identity.

We knew exactly where the Oslo Accords would lead. The huge amount of people who answered Zo Artzeinu's calls and blocked traffic in the entire country understood the reality. Ultimately, we succeeded in electing the Right to rule - against all odds. But Zo Artzeinu refused to politically "cash in" on the tremendous public credit that it had accrued. We understood that the Right also had no solution and that it was also incapable of getting off the Oslo track.

Everyone is angry at Netanyahu now for signing the cease-fire. But Netanyahu's predicament is a precise reflection of post-Oslo Israeli society. If Netanyahu had ordered a ground invasion of Gaza, soldiers would have been killed. After a short period of time he would have pulled the troops out of Gaza without significant achievements. After all, he had no intention of remaining. The retreat after many more fatalities would have ignited much more virulent criticism.

To remain in Gaza, we first have to renounce the very essence of the idea of partitioning this Land. We have to internalize that this is our Land – exclusively. We must - on a national scale - return to the Land of Israel and our Jewish identity. We must beg the forgiveness of the Jews expelled from Gush Katif and rebuild their towns and villages with the forces that destroyed them – and bring them back to their rightful place with an honor guard.

We must vote with our feet, declaring to all that this is our Land, proving to our enemies that this is NOT their land. Most important: We must expel the Moslem wakf from the Temple Mount and restore exclusive Israeli sovereignty over the Mount – Judaism's most holy site. We must encourage Jews to ascend the Temple Mount after the proper halachic preparations and to actualize their sovereignty over the beating heart of the Jewish Nation. 
If we do not take all these measures, there really is no reason to endanger our soldiers just so that they can go into Gaza and retreat again. Every round of this type of fighting only proves the enemy's claim that we are colonialist conquerors and not liberators in our own Land. Security and pragmatic claims don't convince the world anymore. The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial no longer does the work for us. It can't be a replacement for the true justice of our cause. Just a short time after a hypothetical ground invasion of Gaza, international public opinion would come down squarely on the side that talks about justice: the very justice that we, with the cursed Oslo handshake, deposited into the hands of Arafat.

Is Israeli society ready for this type of return to ourselves?
Read the whole thing

I disagree with him about the Temple Mount because my own rabbis do not permit ascending it. I would leave it empty until Messiah comes.

I also think there would have been value and Jewish lives to be saved by sending the soldiers into Gaza. God forbid, I fear that we will one day pay a higher price in civilian lives than we would have paid now in soldiers' lives.

But other than that, we're on the same page. Most of the country is schizophrenic.

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At 5:41 AM, Blogger Shy Guy said...

I also think there would have been value and Jewish lives to be saved by sending the soldiers into Gaza.

You mean like we did in Op Cast Lead? How's that working for you?

Dresdenize Gaza first, then go for a ground op with the goal of placing Gaza in Israeli sovereignty once and for all.


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