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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Nachal Haredi soldier removed from combat for refusing to follow orders

A Nachal Haredi soldier was removed from his combat unit for refusing to expel Jews from their homes.
Pinni Shendorfi, the Haredi soldier from Nahal who refused the orders of his commanders to evacuate Jewish residents from three residential buildings in Yitzhar last Thursday, was brought before a court Tuesday and was removed from his combat position.

Shendorfi refused the orders, saying he will not take part in a "mission against Jews."
Pinni's mother, Ronit, said her son was not worried about possible jail time but was more worried that he would be taken out of combat, where he very much wanted to remain. Ronit called the punishment harsh and said this was the very thing Pinni did not want to happen.
I wonder how long it takes the army to try other offenses.... 

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