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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Letter from a former Gaza resident

Here's a letter to the Foreign Ministry (in response to a news release that summarizes all that Israel is doing to prevent a 'humanitarian crisis' in Gaza) from a former Gaza resident (Hat Tip: Lilly S).
To my dear caring Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative,

Thought it might be  appropriate for you to resend with an addition  to your update that includes "the humanitarian situation of former Gaza residents"

My husband and I lived in Gaza for 30 years and consider it as home as do all our five married children and those of all the families living here in the ein tzurim caravilla site and hope that someday there will be opportunities for us to return home and live peacefully with our neighbors as we did for most of first 25 years that e lived there.

. We  are hearing endless sirens and explosions from every direction when present Gazans  launch rockets on us   as they try to murder us .We  have no protection in caravillas (caravans with red tile roofs) . The only option is to try to run the distance to the concrete sewage pipe that may offer some possible protection for minor pieces of shrapnel ---but not for anything else. 
My husband and I are elderly and cannot run so quickly as needed  and are afraid of falling on way to seeking protection. My daughter has 5 young children and at night it is impossible for her to get into the sewage pipe in time before the rocket lands and explodes and usually the explosion finds her midway to pipe with little twin tots ---one in each hand as her husband worries getting the other three out of sheet rock caravan. My sons with seven and five young children as well  have a hard time making it to the sewage pipe before the attempt to murder their families comes very near and explodes.

Those of us that do make it to the caravan have to stand for sometimes twenty minutes and more depending on amount of tie the barrage of rockets takes like sardines with sometimes as many as twenty  people in these round based sewage pipes, with some standing like flies on a wall.

there are some  young children and youth who have anxiety attacks with each large explosion that they hear and know was aimed at them as a Jew in the state of Israel.  To seem them shaking and sweating and stiff as a board all at once when this happens is very disturbing and surely deserves a humanitarian solution

Perhaps the humanitarian solution for the citizens of the State of Israel is not to be too  humanitarian to those who are making every effort to murder and lame us  citizens .

would appreciate to hear what other efforts are being made to improve the humanitarian situation of the former Gaza residents who are Jewish citizens of Israel .

Thank you for your efforts,
Anita Tucker
By the way, a caravilla is a mobile home. After seven and a half years, Anita Tucker and her friends who were expelled from Gaza in 2005 still don't have real homes. 



At 11:05 AM, Blogger aparatchik said...

Hopefully they will be able to go back soon

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Anita Tucker said...

many in country have suitcases ready awaiting call for people who want to begin new towns ---as did abraham isaac our forefathers and as did the maccabees and as did those who lived in jeish quarter in gaza city through generations till 1929 and those came to live in 23 towns of Gush Katifand as my own family who lived there thirty years. So who wants to be on the on call list ---when IDF is allowed to do what must be done to
rid us of those who are making every effort to murder us

At 3:43 AM, Blogger in the vanguard said...

What a pathetic situation. We should have turned Gaza into a carpet, then offred the evacuees a red carpet so they can go back to their land - which they were requested to live on in the first place by - none other than the jerk who then cut their legs from under them - Sharon.


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