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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

An open letter to Alice Walker

I am sure that many of you have heard that Alice Walker has refused to let her Pulitzer Prize winning novel A Color Purple be translated into Hebrew because (she claims) Israel practices 'apartheid.' Here's an open letter to Ms. Walker from Dr. Denis MacEoin, whose writings I have posted before (Hat Tip: Ricky G).
You have spoken out against racism, yet you accuse a country that is visibly anti-racist to be the opposite of what it is. Please don’t dismiss what I say without further thought. It seems that you condemn Israel because it practices apartheid. Have you ever been to Israel? Have you ever walked Israeli streets, spoken to Jewish and Arab Israelis, sought out clear signs of the apartheid you’ve been told you will find there?

I do not think you have, for had you done so you would have been surprised by the absolute absence in Israel of any of the features of apartheid, as it was applied by the South African government years ago. That apartheid had as its principal aim the separation of blacks and whites and was hell for black people for many, many years. Though it pains me to say so, I find it offensive that you and other anti-Israel activists feel it necessary to indulge in an outright falsehood. Think of South African apartheid and all its ramifications. Did blacks have the vote outside their "homelands"? Did they serve in parliament or as government ministers? Were they sent abroad as diplomats? Did they serve as judges?


You may well say to me, "What about Gaza, what about the West Bank? – those are the places where apartheid takes place." But does it? Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, and in doing so exposed itself to year after year of rocket and mortar fire from Islamic Jihad and Hamas. The territory is currently under the control of Hamas, one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist entities.

Israel has two functions there: to exercise a wholly legal sea and land blockade in order to prevent Hamas acquiring (mainly through tunneling) advanced weaponry, most of it supplied by Iran, another country which openly calls for genocide in Israel. To mitigate the impact of the blockade, Israel has set up an important border control station, through which thousands of tons of goods pass into Gaza every week. Life is not easy for Gaza, but it is controlled by an armed group whose charter calls for the killing of Jews and rejects peace-making of any kind. This is many things, but it’s not apartheid.


I could write pages more in an attempt to help you see reason, but I don’t think that would, in itself, achieve very much. You don’t want to be preached to, I’m sure of that – and I’ve already preached more than I intended at the outset of this letter. But we do share one thing and that is the power of imagination. It takes imagination to see beyond the dogmas on either side of an argument like this. And that is what I want you to do, to use your imagination to see past the innumerable lies and obfuscations that have blinded people’s eyes to what has really been going on between the Jews and the Arabs.
Read the whole thing.

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At 10:42 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

Wasting your time. She was married to a Jew and made a very public storm about suddenly learning how evil Jews were and BTW, her Jewish husband was so evil it turned her into a Lesbian. You're wasting your time. She's a Jew hater plain and simple.

At 3:47 AM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Alan Dershowitz (may he please snap out of his Leftism) writes Alice into a list with the Iranians.

Iran Declares War Against the Jewish People

And I just figured out that this Algemeiner is a Jewish site... is it another Lefty rag, does anybody know?

Also, today I heard about a Catholic priest who has been sermonizing that Jews won't marry non-Jews, and so it is as though they've married their cousins all these generations. My jaw dropped open as I explained that of the US's 6+ mil Jews, about half have been marrying non-Jews. Some of the spouses convert, but Jews aren't In-Bred. Afterwards, I was laughing (although NONE of this will turn out to be funny) because the people in the U.S. would hit the Ruth wing from one direction and the Israeli gatekeepers will slime us from the other. Not even to mention the Muslim Students Assoc., the Iranians, the Alice Walker people, etc etc. Wow. Just wondering when a (non-marxist) leader will stand up and bring the whole bunch of us together.


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