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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Israel to make obscene 'gesture,' 'Palestinians' to make obscene gesture

Sometimes the idiocy of this country's politicians exceeds expectations. This is one of those times.

Out of the blue, and for no particular reason, our political echelon has decided to make an obscene 'gesture' to the 'Palestinian Authority' by releasing the bodies of more than 90 dead terrorists - suicide bombers and others who murdered hundreds all over the country. As of 1:00 am, the release is being held up due to an appeal to the Supreme Court by Almagor, the terror victims' group. But as we know, those appeals never succeed.

The 'Palestinian Authority' has decided to make an even more obscene gesture. It plans to hold a celebration of the terrorists' release, and to dance on the blood of Israel's terror victims.
The IDF will deliver the bodies to representatives of the PA on Thursday, PA Minister for Prisoners Affairs, Issa Qaraqi, said.

He said that the PA would hold a "national rally" in the Mukata presidential compound in Ramallah in honor of the "martyrs." The rally will be attended by PA President Mahmoud Abbas, PLO leaders and families of the Palestinians who were killed in suicide bombings and other terror attacks over the past three decades.

Qaraqi said that after the ceremony the bodies will be sent to their hometowns, where each one will be buried in a military funeral.

He said that 17 bodies whose hometowns were unknown will be buried in a Ramallah cemetery, also in full military funerals.

Another 12 bodies will be transferred for burial in the Gaza Strip, the minister added.

Qaraqi called on Palestinians to consider Thursday a day of celebration for the return of the "martyrs" to their families.

The repatriation of the bodies is part of a goodwill gesture to Abbas.
The list of terrorists whose bodies are being handed over includes "several suicide bombers who carried out the attacks at Cafe Hillel and the no. 2 bus in Jerusalem." My eldest daughter's classmate Nava Applebaum HY"D (May God Avenge her blood) and her father Dr. David Applebaum HY"D were among those murdered at Cafe Hillel. My insurance agent's two-year old granddaughter was among those murdered on the number 2 bus, whose perpetrator purposefully stood among a group of children before detonating himself.

The list of terrorists being handed over also includes the terrorists who carried out the Savoy Hotel attack in 1975, killing eight hostages.

There are many others as well. Read the whole thing.Why were are handing over this scum, who should be buried at the bottom of the sea wrapped in pig's lard, is simply beyond me.

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At 2:44 AM, Blogger Rich Weiss said...

We can only hope they are covered in bacon

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Empress Trudy said...

A bomb in every coffin.


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