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Sunday, February 05, 2012

To Obama, reelection more important than stopping Iran

Pat Dollard has it right: President Obama is more concerned about his own reelection than about stopping Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.
Forget all the excuses you’ll read “The U.S.” (ie, Obama) giving below, he doesn’t want a messy strike/war causing unforeseen re-election problems, or the very foreseen problem, of him alienating George Soros and his base. That’s the only reason Obama wants the delay, besides the reason that he hopes the greater time might actually allow Iran to develop enough to at least launch a dirty strike on Israel.

There was even word today that Panetta anounced that Israel would attack in May, June or July in order that that announcement disrupt Israel’s plans.
Israel has no choice. Even if Iran doesn't reach the 'immunity zone' before November, if God forbid Obama is reelected, a strike by Israel against Iran becomes much dicier. If we do it before November, he has little choice but to go along, because it's what the American people want.

This isn't October 1973 when Israel had to absorb a first strike. Nixon was in his second term then. And Obama will be if we wait until after November.

What could go wrong?

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