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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'Palestinians' admit population growth declining

I don't buy the raw numbers in this article (we all know that they double count), but this little tidbit from the first link is interesting.
The total fertility rate declined in 2010 to 4.2 births compared with 6 births in 1997. The rate in the Gaza Strip in 2010 was 4.9 births compared to 3.8 births in the West Bank, which have been stable for the past few years with no significant changes.

The report indicated a decrease in the average household size in the Palestinian Territory which reached 5.8 persons in 2011 compared with 6.4 in 1997: 5.6 persons in the West Bank and 6.3 persons in the Gaza Strip.

PCBS said the crude birth rate is 32.8 births for every 1000 of population: 30.1 in the West Bank compared to 37.1 in Gaza Strip. The rate is expected to decline to 31.9 in 2015.
That decline in the fertility rate sounds almost like Yoram Ettinger's numbers.
8. The Arab fertility rate in Judea and Samaria declined to four births per woman and is trending downward. According to the UN Population Division, the decline typifies all Muslim countries other than Afghanistan and Yemen. For example, Jordan (a "twin-sister" of Judea and Samaria) has three births per woman, Iran – 1.7, Egypt – 2.5, Syria – 3.5 and Algeria – 1.8 births per woman.



At 4:31 PM, Blogger Cycle Cyril said...

You may wish to use this more recent update in demographics by Faitelson.

Following the link to Faitelson are several links with synopses and interpretations of his work.






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