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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Was Emanuel Moreno HY"D set up to be killed?

Some posts on this blog are read once and forgotten. Others remain the subject of Google searches for years to come. One that is searched often is this one, which talks about Emanuel Moreno HY"D (May God avenge his blood).

Emanuel Moreno was a high-ranking IDF officer who was killed in a 'top-secret mission' in the Bekaa Valley on one of the last days of the Second Lebanon War. Caroline Glick wrote an article about him five years ago, which I picked up in the post linked above. The link to Caroline's article no longer works (it is, however, on her blog - which did not yet exist then - here). Caroline's article was mostly about the type of person Moreno was - and he was indeed a hero and not just because of how he died.

This morning, someone ("in the vanguard") dumped a link into the comments on that post. I deleted the comment because there was nothing there but the link (and it wasn't from a regular commenter), but what the linked post itself says merits a post in and of itself - and an IDF investigation.
In late October, or, more likely, in the first week of November, 2006, a man was introduced to a crowd of thousands who gathered in "770" (a synagogue in Brooklyn that serves as "headquarters" for the world-wide Lubavitch chassidic movement) for some Chabad-related occasion. The speaker didn't look Chabad-like, but that is not uncommon. I don't recollect the occasion's raison d'etre. In any event, his speech was spell-binding. When I happened upon Arutz 7's story last week of the passing of Emanuel Moreno, telling of the 5th yahrzeit of a "secret IDF officer" whose story is shrouded in "national security", I immediately made the association. The speaker never mentioned Emanuel by name.


Emanuel was climbing up in the ranks of his political party and was somewhat religiously oriented. His success threatened the higher-ups, afraid he was going to rise even higher and thwart their own political ambitions. So they wanted to "take care of him". They plotted this ploy. He was known to be a military dare-devil and the scheme they painted for him made him out to be the perfect man for the daring mission. They told him - towards the end of the Lebanon war, that they needed him to capture officers of Hezbullah and bring them back, in order to make the Israeli army's performance during this war appear more creditable. He was told that many Hezbollah officers were to be found in some hotel in some city in the Northeast of Lebanon. Now, as I read about the passing of Emanuel, and map-googled Baalbek, this city "fits" the picture. This is the other reason that reinforces my hunch of intrigue.

He got to the mission's target city and found that the hotel had, in fact, no ranking officers of Hezbollah therein. One thing was sure, however, there were extremely many Hezbullah operatives in the vicinity. He radioed to make his report and to ask for some aerial assistance to escape. Nobody answered his calls. In desperation, because Hezbullah fighters were buzzing about everywhere, and his group now found out, he realized he had no choice but to rely on his own limited resources.

The reason the plotters targeted this city, said the speaker, was for its location. It was close to the Syrian border, far from the Lebanese coast, making naval escape impractical, and far from the Israeli border. Emanuel was literally surrounded by hostile elements and isolated from his army when no one answered his desperate calls.

The helicopters that brought him to this location were two transport helicopters. They remained the only means by which to make the return trip. He called the pilots and they informed him they will need to abandon their site very soon, giving Emanuel very little time.

Emanuel told his soldiers his final strategy for escape. He told them they will all pack into their two jeeps. Both jeeps will then race full-speed to the rendezvous site to make it in time before the helicopters leave. He told them that chances may well be the first jeep will make it through safely but the second one will absorb many bullets. He got into (or ?drove) the second jeep.
Read the whole thing.

The picture - probably of the speaker (although it's labeled "Emanuel Moreno" the man in the picture looks to old to be him) - looks familiar but I can't think of the name. I suspect that "In the Vanguard" - who authored the post - got one small detail wrong. I would bet that it wasn't a political party that wanted Moreno out of the way, but the IDF chiefs of staff. They had enough problems when Effie Eitam was part of the general command, and despite the fact that the IDF"s combat units are now 40% religious (a much higher percentage than the percentage of religious Jews in the country), the branja still doesn't want religious soldiers - let alone 'settlers' and those who sympathize with them - to be part of the General Command, let alone be in line to be Chief of Staff.

Yes, it's plausible to me that Emanuel Moreno was set up to be killed. And unfortunately, any investigation is likely to be a whitewash.

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At 11:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The IDF top brass will always have to be of the "right type" regardless of what the rank and file stock comprise of :)

Russians were never allowed to rise above the rank of Colonel, when they came in droves in the early 1990's. There was a reason for that was not as popularly propogandised. Even though they were better qualified and educated and with experience (Russian Afghan war), they were never promoted.

In the event of a military coup, you'd need the right people at the top.

So be thankful, there are people ready to do what needs to be done..or else.. ;)

At 3:45 PM, Blogger Sunlight said...

Seemingly, every black op that ends up with the intel being off and/or there are KIA would have to be investigated as an intentional set up? Doesn't everyone in Israel serve? Sounds siminar to Yoni's story. And if you have a motiviated, upwardly moving religious soldier, you would want him/her excluded from black ops in case the "branja" are scheming? I don't know about this...

At 11:35 PM, Blogger in the vanguard said...

The picture at Hezbos.blogspot is of someone i CONJECTURED is Moreno. I got if off the internet figuring it was common to many pictures that bore his name. Carl he is NOT the one that spoke at 770, although I can't be sure anymore from my recollection of the face, but I do remember the speaker spoke of someone else, not of himself.

At 12:10 AM, Blogger in the vanguard said...

As for your hunch, that I got one small detail wrong, and you'd "bet that it wasn't a political party that wanted Moreno out of the way, but the IDF chiefs of staff." - I frankly do not remember clearly any more.

What I do remember was the enormous impact his two stories made on me. My jaws dropped during his talk. I don't even remember what language he spoke although Hebrew is what I am assuming. The other thing he related had to do with an extremely wealthy man who owned many banks who was determined to undo the fabric of the Jewish state, this when in 1948 he had worked, paradoxically, for the U.N. to mandate it.

At 5:23 PM, Blogger in the vanguard said...

The last comment I made here, years ago, perhaps now can be better appreciated. The speaker had spoken of TWO tales, the Moreno tale being one of them. The other, that I added in that comment, even though to the post at hand it was irrelevant - I added just to round out what I heard said that evening, about an extremely wealthy individual who was now bent on dismantling Israel proper. To the point where the speaker even spoke of needing to undergo plastic surgery to evade the long grip of this evil wealthy person so as not to be recognized by his cronies.

Well now that Soros, a multibillionaire, has surfaced in the news showing how he burns millions by throwing money at every destabilizing force of society, especially when the target is Israel, as for example, throwing a million dollars to the punks of "Black Lives Matter" who tacked on an anti-Israel stance to their list of grievances, I'd not be surprised if the speaker then was referring to none other than this Soros devil or his son.

At 5:06 AM, Blogger in the vanguard said...

Just reread my last comment and regret to have spoken lashon hara against the Soros men, for I do not want to be judgemental. I pointed a finger unnecessarily.


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