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Friday, September 02, 2011

Overnight music video (with video from Prince Albert Hall)

I'm going to do something a bit unusual tonight. First, I found video from the incident in London's Prince Albert Hall, so let's get that up first.

Let's go to the videotape.

Now, the other thing I wanted to do for you was to post the exact program that was played at Prince Albert Hall this evening. Unfortunately, I could not do that. The program was Bruch Violin Concerto Number 1 featuring (American Israeli) Gil Shaham as the soloist. I found videos of the piece and videos of Shaham but not videos of Shaham playing that particular piece.

So here's the first movement of Bruch's Violin Concerto # 1 played by Pinhas Zuckerman for the Israel Philharmonic conducted by Zubin Mehta.

Let's go to the videotape.

And here's Gil Shaham with the Israel Philharmonic (this time conducted by Daniel Etinger) playing the first movement of Haydn's violin concerto in C Major.

Let's go to the videotape.

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At 7:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would use:
At least you get to see how well Zubin Mehta handled the situation.


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