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Friday, July 01, 2011

Breaking: Greek Coast Guard stops Audacity of Hope from making run for Gaza

The Greek Coast Guard has stopped the American ship Audacity of Hope from making a run to Gaza in defiance of the Greek port authorities. The ship was stopped about 25 minutes after its departure from Athens.
The vessel, dubbed "The Audacity of Hope", left Perama port for the open seas, a Reuters witness said. Greek authorities said earlier on Friday that ships destined to Gaza were prohibited from leaving Greek ports.

Despite the Greek ban, the vessel left port around 4:45 pm Friday, Ynet learned. It was banned from departing by Greek officials citing technical problems, but chose to ignore the orders.

In a conversation with Ynet, organizers of the US boat confirmed the details. One of them said that a Greek Coast Guard ship approached the boat and that the two sides were engaged in dialogue.

Earlier, flotilla spokeswoman Greta Berlin said that "The Greeks are cooperating with Israel as much as they can."

"Israel is doing its very, very best to make sure we don't get out of port," Berlin said earlier Friday, adding that the flotilla will be heading to the Gaza Strip next week.

Let's go to the videotape.

The Greek authorities have announced that they will not allow any ships to depart for Gaza from their ports.

Because it's less than half an hour to the Sabbath, I cannot liveblog this story, but you can find a liveblog of it (s/he told me s/he is live blogging) here.


Israel Radio reports that the ship left Piraeus, not Athens, and that they are 'negotiating' with the Greek Coast Guard and refusing to return to the port.

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