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Friday, April 22, 2011

Israel's traitorous Left

If you have any doubts as to whether Israel's radical Left is simply misguided or outright traitorous, this ought to dispel them. Yaacov Lozowick describes some of the things that have been reported in the Hebrew media (only) about radical Leftist groups Machsom Watch and the Alternative Information Center visiting 'Palestinians' in Awarta whose homes were raided by the IDF searching for the murderers of the Fogel family in nearby Itamar. The woman on the right is the mother of one of the confessed murderers.
Hagit Beck, a member of Machsom Watch, describes on her blog how she and some other women went to visit "the 2 homes which had been ransacked". The second of the two was the home of Hakem Awad. (Isn't in interesting how in spite of all the horror, the reports all seem to focus on the same one or two homes?). The blog-post has been put up also on the Machsom Watch website: they're obviously proud of it. While in the house, Raya Yaron, the Machsom Watch spokeswoman, tried to comfort Shama Awad, mother of suspected murderer Hakem Awad, and wife of one of the men suspected for destroying the evidence. If proven in court, this will mean Shama Awad hid her murderer son from the police for most of a month, knowing fully what he had done. This is the woman Raya Yaron is embracing, and Hagit Beck is celebrating.
Read the whole thing. No, they're not just misguided. They're traitorous.

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At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Less travel time for them to join forces with the Arab "enemy within" to tear down the one big Machsom that is Israel--new report (while calling for democratic response and disengagement, not transfer) indicts Arab Israeli minority for preferring israeli citizenship (for its creature comforts and human rights) while, as Kahane predicted, systematically seeking to subvert the Jewish state and dismantle its Jewish institutions.


At 11:08 PM, Blogger NormanF said...

They're not Jews - they're evil pagans. That's who people who show sympathy for murderers are.

The Torah says Judah and his brothers killed Hamor's clan for the rape of Dinah.

Is this how Jews react to the massacre of a family today? I know Judah would not have left the village of Awarta alive after what they have done.

Then again when it comes to dealing with evil, Israeli Jews are on a far lower spiritual level than their biblical forbears were.


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