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Sunday, November 28, 2010

J Street's Israel organizer 'uncomfortable with people who espouse Zionism'

J Street, the pro-Obama organization that masquerades as pro-peace, has a new Israel campus coordinator. His name is Drew Cohen, he is rumored to study at one of Jerusalem's rather open yeshivot (which has just dropped off the map in my book), and - surprise - has a long list of anti-Israel quotes to his credit.
J Street’s pretty pleased with Cohen’s appointment – see below for the full email he’s passing around on the organization’s behalf – which is kind of weird for a “pro-Israel” organization, given how he’s proud of being an anti-Israel ideologue:

* Here’s him explaining that he “sees his role” as deliberately altering the emphasis that American Jews place on Israeli security concerns, since it’s futile to “wait patiently for Israel to come around.” Elsewhere here’s him indicating that American Jews need to be shown “the truth of what is going on” in Israeli civil society, and no he doesn’t mean “truth” in a positive “let’s tell people about how the Jewish State is a Middle East beacon of human rights” sense.

* Here’s him explaining that he can’t be comfortable unless he’s “with people who I am certain do not espouse Zionism or any form of oppression.”

* Here’s him condemning Operation Cast Lead, an Israeli defensive campaign supported by the far leftwing Meretz party and understood by Egypt and the Arab League, as an “unjust and even criminal” act by which he was “shocked and appalled at the mass destruction.”

* Here’s him snidely passing on a description of Israel’s Gaza Flotilla interdiction, a last-ditch passive option forced by Israel’s having been denied forward defense and active defense, as “a heinous brutality.”

* Here’s him minimizing the danger posed by that Flotilla, which would have detonated Israel’s last chance of blocking Iran’s Gaza proxy, due to it being merely a “mythic threat.”

* Here’s him insisting that Jews who want to reverse Jordan’s gleeful 1948 ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter “are engaged in structural violence against the Palestinian people.”
For more of the wit and wisdom of Drew Cohen, read the whole thing.

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At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's all self-absorbed twee precocious "tikun olam' blather slathered over the usual anti-Israel new leftism with a blunt trowel. This guy puts the yofi in yofi nefesh.


At 2:25 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Now you know they're really supportive of Israel.... as long as Israel's in their image.

Except that's not the real Israel. And they don't stand for peace.

J-Street in a nutshell. What could go wrong indeed


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