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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Korb urges declassifying Pollard documents

In what is apparently a continuing drive to make amends to Jonathan Pollard, former Deputy Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb has urged that the documents that were used in determining Pollard's prison sentence be declassified and made public.
Korb said there was no reason not to hand over the documents. But their declassification is considered very unlikely.

Since he was sentenced, Pollard has never been allowed to challenge the claims in the documents in court. His security-cleared attorneys have never been allowed access to the secret portions of his sentencing file, though those who oppose his release have had access and used it against him.

New York Senator Charles Schumer and former mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who have seen the documents, have said publicly that there was nothing in them to justify the life sentence Pollard has been serving for 25 years. But Pollard cannot return to court, because all his legal avenues have been exhausted, so he is seeking clemency from US president Barack Obama.
I've noticed that since Korb started speaking out, there have been less hostile comments when I've posted about Pollard. Maybe people are finally starting to get it after 25 years?


At 9:05 PM, Blogger Stuart said...

Israel abandoned him 25 years ago. AFAIAC it is and always has been Israel's responsibility to secure Pollard's freedom.

Bibi had a chance in his first term and let Clinton walk all over him.

Bibi has a second chance, and a feckless leader in Washington. He can outsmart Obama and he should.

At 12:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regardless as to the prejudices of Weinberger or making him a fall guy for Ames he still was, well, a spy against his own country, and I would hope that Israel would not barter his freedom as a quid pro quo in some Palestinian deal--Israel's reservoir of support with non-Jews does not extend to condoning Israel sponsored espionage against the United States. AFIK Clinton closed that kind of deal with Bibi before welshing on his side--is it such a great idea to try the same gambit with Obama?

At 5:08 PM, Blogger joetote said...

Spying is TREASON! In my book it should be punishable by death! BTW: I'm a Jew, but an American first. Let the man rot in prison!

I am somewhat at a loss as to Bibi. He of all people should know that spying against one's country is one of the absolute worse crimes one can commit, even if you are spying for an ally. No excuse.


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