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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

At US Embassy in Tel Aviv, shoes and eggs thrown at Obama

An unusual demonstration (for Israel) was held outside the US embassy in Tel Aviv on Monday night. Shoes and eggs were thrown at this picture of President Obama (which, as you may recall, was taken while he was on the phone with Prime Minister Netanyahu in April 2009 and touched off quite a scandal because it was considered disparaging to Netanyahu) to protest the pressure he is putting on Israel to extend the 'settlement freeze.'

Bar-Am told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that the rally was meant to show that Obama’s agenda “is harming the rights of Jews in the Land of Israel, is anti-democratic, anti-America,” and asked “if Obama can be against the burning of the Koran, how can he kick around the Bible?” At the beachfront promenade on Monday, protesters held an assortment of signs, including one reading “Obama, Israel is not ketchup, so don’t squeeze” and “Obama, you are not the 12th imam.”

Some in attendance shouted insults directed at the US president, including, “Go to hell, Obama,” “Go back to Kenya” and “You are not a Christian, Obama.”

Marzel said he came because “Obama and the US are betraying their friends, betraying the Jews and betraying their voters, many of whom are Jews.”

Marzel expressed amazement that “of all times, when the US has a black president, they are the most racist toward the Jews that they have ever been.”
I don't know why Marzel is amazed. The alliance between Jews and blacks in the US - except for the far Left Jews who don't support Israel - is long since over.
About halfway through the protest, demonstrators gathered around the poster, which showed Obama with his shoes on his desk in the Oval Office during a telephone call with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, and began pelting it with eggs and an assortment of footwear.

The spectacle was not appreciated by everyone in attendance, including Elizabeth Shira, who after arguing with some of the protesters, said, “They are mimicking the Arabs. We need the Americans; they are our friends. I am opposed to the settlement freeze, but Obama is the American president and he must be treated with respect.”

Shira’s friend Rachel Naftali said, “They’re acting the same as terrorists. People will see this and say Israelis act just the same [as terrorists].”

Across the street, at the Anglo bar Mike’s Place, a group of American tourists were eating burgers and pizza, blissfully unaware of the protest against their president nearby.
There was a terror attack at Mike's Place in April 2003. The terrorists were sheltered by Western Leftists (including Americans) from the International Solidarity Movement. That's much worse than throwing shoes and eggs at a poster, which is unlikely to kill anyone.


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