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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Waiting for President Palin?

A senior Obama administration official has told American Jewish Leftist Peter Beinart that the Netanyahu government acts as if it is waiting for Sarah Palin to be President.
“As an Obama official once told me about the Netanyahu team, with amazement, ‘these guys are actually waiting for President Palin,’” wrote Beinart, a senior political writer for The Daily Beast and associate professor of journalism and political science at City University of New York.

In a critical article noting that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and senior government officials preach to the chorus of right-wing and Christian fundamentalist groups in the United States, Beinart cited the American education and background of the Prime Minister and senior aides. Prime Minister Netanyahu learned at a Philadelphia high school and his close adviser Ron Dermer and Ambassador to the United States were born there.

He maintained that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s reaction to the flotilla crisis “shows just how out of touch he is with America” while ignoring what Beinart said is the “need to join the age of Obama.”

“This familiarity breeds overconfidence and ignorance,” Beinart argues. “When Netanyahu travels to Washington, he speaks before Jewish audiences that mostly dislike Barack Obama’s Israel policy, even though according to a recent American Jewish Committee survey, American Jews overall support it by a margin of close to two to one. When he’s not speaking to right-wing Jews, he’s speaking to right-wing Christians. And when he’s not speaking to right-wing Christians, he’s speaking to former Bush administration officials who expect to soon be back in their old jobs.”
And what's wrong with that? Most American Jews are lukewarm in their support for Israel, while American Christians are likely the cause of the United States' continued support for Israel today. Why shouldn't Netanyahu court this important constituency?

And life would certainly be easier with Sarah Palin in charge. Not only would she not abandon Netanyahu to go eat with her family. The folksy Palin is far more likely to invite Netanyahu to join her family dinner table.


At 10:34 PM, Blogger Captain.H said...

“shows just how out of touch he is with America”. “This familiarity breeds overconfidence and ignorance,” FOr a moment, I thought he must be referring to Obama.

"And life would certainly be easier with Sarah Palin in charge. Not only would she not abandon Netanyahu to go eat with her family. The folksy Palin is far more likely to invite Netanyahu to join her family dinner table."

A President Palin wouldn't be going around making world apology tours for America, blowing off our allies and kissing the, um, feet of our shared enemies. President Palin would also do her best to work with the Israeli Govt and repair the damage done to bilateral relations, both diplomatically and militarily.

At 11:55 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

A lot of us are waiting for President Palin, or anyone other than this putz or his ideological similars - and not just because of Israel.

The wonder is why an Administration official would be surprised. After all, they're waiting for a Livni government.

At 12:26 AM, Blogger Robertcw72 said...

Hehe after the primaries that went on yesterday, I think we just moved a bit closer to the possibility of a President Palin.

She is gathering quite a bit of IOUs.

At 12:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah yeah yeah... but Bibi isn't waiting for Palin is he? He in fact is spending his time acceding to or warding off pressures from President Obama and is not biding his time to some surprise intervention in American politics. Guys and gals here might be waiting for Palin but the Obama administration is using this as an excuse--you don't need to be a populist Republican to think that Washington's foreign policy is a disaster for the Jews.

At 10:15 AM, Blogger Alexander Maccabee said...

Obama can be waited out. He may be a dangerous man-child, but he won't be POTUS for two terms. The Jews will never go back to the gas chamber, regardless what Obama says or does. The Jews have always had a secret weapon that no one else can come close to matching: HaShem. -- Of course Israel can wait, Jews are very used to waiting for things.

Israel may be too much of a secular nation for many Jews taste, including my own, but HaShem did not re-create the Jewish homeland for our sake, he created it for His sake. For all the world who tortured the Jews for 2,000 years and for all the Germans who taunted the Jews during the HaShoah mass murders and said, "Where is your God now?" HaShem created the modern State of Israel to show the world He exists, Israel exists for the glory of HaShem. "Chillul HaShem" will be eradicated.

Obama has no concept of what he is playing with.

Palin is not my 1st choice for president, but I would take her over Obama any day of the week. She seems to have some of the good characteristics of a righteous Gentile. If I had my choice of US president, maybe Mike Huckabee, he still believes in a One-State solution. Of course I still believe in relocating the Arabs, they have had their chance, and it is time for them to leave.


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