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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ads in Friday papers to attack Netanyahu

Advertisements to be placed in Friday's newspapers (which are still widely read here in hard copy because of the prohibition to be online on the Sabbath) by the revenant movement will attack Prime Minister Netanyahu over the 'settlement freeze' in a bid to keep him from agreeing to an extension in Washington next week.
Ads placed in the Israeli media Friday will state, "Netanyahu is trampling on the settlements."

They will also state "Netanyahu is the first prime minister who has completely frozen construction in Judea and Samaria."

The Binyamin and Samaria Citizens' Committee launched the initiative in hopes of preventing Netanyahu from extending the 10-moratorium on new settlement construction beyond its September 26th expiration date.

It has sponsored ads set to run in Friday's media attacking him for stopping new construction in east Jerusalem, even though that section of the capital is not included in the freeze.

Netanyahu's has insisted that he has not stopped nor does he plan to stop construction in east Jerusalem. Still the settlers have accused him of doing so and state as much in their ad.

In a statement released to the press Tuesday night the Citizens' Committee said that their ad campaign marks the first time since Netanyahu took office in March 2009, that they directed their attacks against him.

In the past, they have focused their attacks primarily on Defense Minister Ehud Barak who heads the Labor Party and who was charged with enforcing the moratorium.
And we can be assured that Netanyahu will continue to do Obama's bidding since that's what the Likud Central Committee (which kept itself in power for another three years last month) wants him to do.

What could go wrong?


At 1:04 AM, Blogger NormanF said...


Its not like Netanyahu has ever said "NO" to Obama on any major issue under dispute between Washington and Jerusalem.

The odds are good the revanant freeze will be renewed again in September.

What could go wrong indeed


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