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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama determined to avoid war with Iran at all costs

There's lots of evidence out there that the Obama administration is determined to avoid a military confrontation with Iran at all costs, including a nuclear Iran.
“It’s one of our highest priorities to make sure that Iran doesn’t possess a nuclear weapon,” he said on March 17, in an interview with Bret Baier of Fox News. The problem is that if keeping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon is one of the highest priorities, the very highest priority seems to be avoiding military conflict at all cost.

“The last thing the Middle East needs now is another war,” Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told the New York Times back in the spring of 2008. Gates noted that he had worked on a policy paper on Iran with Zbigniew Brzezinski at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2004. Gates added: “Based on what I heard from every expert, then and now, I think there’s a risk that an attack would strengthen Ahmadinejad and solidify the Iranian people’s support for their regime.” (Brzezinski is one of those arguing strenuously for containment today.)

In a recent interview with al Arabiya, Hillary Clinton was twice asked directly whether “a military strike is off the table.” Clinton did not offer the standard everything-is-on-the-table caveat—a pointed omission—and went to great lengths to emphasize that military action is “not what the United States was planning to do.”

Gates and Clinton are the administration’s hawks.

The manufactured dispute with Israel may well be additional evidence of the president’s determination to avoid a military confrontation. The Obama administration took what was a minor misunderstanding about Jerusalem housing and made it a serious test of a longstanding alliance. This was no accident.


In private, the Obama administration has repeatedly warned Israel against a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Isolating Israel in this way sends the same message publicly; it says, in effect, “You think we overreacted to a housing spat in Jerusalem? Try bombing Iran.”

Obama officials are loath to talk about Israel, Iran, and the bomb in public. They offer platitudes, and they focus obsessively on diplomacy that virtually no one thinks will prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.
If Iran does end up with nuclear weapons, Obama may find his legacy to be that of Neville Chamberlain.
McCain then graduated to an even harsher comparison. He said he had been rereading William Manchester’s biography of Winston Churchill and was struck by the similarities between the naïveté of Neville Chamberlain and the willingness of the Obama administration to accommodate the mullahs. “They’re just flailing. A few days ago the president said he wanted to talk some more,” McCain said, incredulous, referring to Obama’s message on Nowruz, the Iranian new year, which renewed the administration’s offer for negotiations. The overture, following Iran’s dismissal of several previous “final” deadlines for new talks, is “consistent with the thread of appeasement throughout history. It’s that same idea that if we’re nice to our enemies, they’ll do what we want.”
Chamberlain also was more interested in being a social reformer than he was in international affairs.

What could go wrong?


At 7:10 PM, Blogger Kae Gregory said...

I posted this on another blog. Seems appropriate here:

I was fortunate to celebrate the first night of Passover with around 120 of my close friends last night. It was wonderful.

But one thing had been gnawing at me. Obama was set to celebrate a Passover Seder as well. It bothered me. I was actually bothered by the fact that it bothered me that he was doing that.

But at the end of the evening it hit me. It is customary at the end of the Seder to proclaim "Next Year in Jerusalem". That's what had bothered me. I'm sure he included that expression at the end of the White House Seder. But I'm convinced that it means something completely different for him - something ominous for Jews.

At 8:04 AM, Blogger NormanF said...

Obama doesn't want to be unpopular with anyone... except the Jews.

And bashing the Jews makes him popular with every one else.

Go figure.


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