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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whom do they represent?

If 'Israeli Arabs' feel their lot in this country is not good, perhaps the representatives they send to the Knesset have something to do with that feeling. This is a fair description:
Israel’s Arab MKs have gone from being close advisers to the government coalition to raving, angry extremists who spend most of their time complaining about their “Palestinian brothers” and taking little interest in their actual brothers and sisters.

Their failures harm the Israeli-Arab community, which deserves better but has been convinced that to be “loyal Arabs” they must vote for extreme voices rather than “collaborationist” voices of moderation.

It is their loss, and their continued estrangement from Israel and the continued aspersions cast on their loyalty by some on the Israeli Right will continue as long as they refuse to awake from 30 years of electoral slumber.

The picture at the top is the former MK who is the symbol of Arab disloyalty in this country. Azmi Bishara left Israel and resigned from the Knesset as he was about to be indicted for helping Hezbullah aim their rockets during the Second Lebanon War.

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