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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rachel Corrie's parents suing the IDF

The parents of Rachel Corrie, who was crushed by a bulldozer while acting as a human shield on Gaza (yes, even the Guardian says she was acting as a human shield), are coming to Israel to sue the IDF on March 10, just six days before the 7th anniversary of her death. The case will be heard in a Haifa court.

Corrie was crushed while acting as a human shield in the Rafah area where the IDF was bulldozing homes that were being used as access to tunnels to smuggle weapons into Egypt. This was 2003 and there was no 'blockade' on Gaza back then - except for weapons. But the tunnels existed even then and they were being used to smuggle weapons into Gaza. The tunnels came up in private homes just as they do today, and Corrie was trying to protect that home from demolition.
The case, which begins on 10 March in Haifa, northern Israel, is seen by her parents as an opportunity to put on public record the events that led to their daughter's death in March 2003. Four key witnesses – three Britons and an American – who were at the scene in Rafah when Corrie was killed will give evidence, according the family lawyer, Hussein Abu Hussein.

The four were all with the International Solidarity Movement, the activist group to which Corrie belonged. They have since been denied entry to Israel, and the group's offices in Ramallah have been raided several times in recent weeks by the Israeli military.

Now, under apparent US pressure, the Israeli government has agreed to allow them entry so they can testify. Corrie's parents, Cindy and Craig, will also fly to Israel for the hearing.
Two years ago, I did a lengthy post in which I dissected what happened on that day on Rafah. Here's some of that post:
In a series of three videos, each running approximately nine minutes, Becky Johnson and Lee Kaplan debunk the myth that Corrie was protecting a house. In fact, as Smooth Stone points out and as you will see in the video below, Corrie was standing in a trench where she could not be seen, protecting an entrance to a weapons tunnel.
Actual video footage from the Israeli Defense Forces show the real circumstances under which the terrorist loving anarchist died: knee-deep in a trench in the middle of dirt in an open dirt field. The left arrow on the photo below points to the tractor, the right arrow shows the kneeling Rachel Corrie. To see the live action footage moments before Rachel Corrie's accidental death, go to the Part 2 video [which I am embedding below. CiJ], approx 49 seconds into the video:
The videos have apparently been removed, which is a pity. But you should still read the whole thing.


At 3:51 AM, Blogger David_77 said...

Hussein Abu Hussein? What, they file a lawsuit in Israel but can't find a Jew who'll take their case? That ought to tell you something, right there.

At 4:01 AM, Blogger Findalis said...

Can the driver of the bulldozer sue the Corries for emotional damage. Can you imagine the horror he has to deal with every day to know she threw herself in front of his bulldozer.

At 7:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

she was a disturbed young woman who committed suicide

i feel nothing for her or her deluded parents, who did an awful job of raising her

At 12:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All these pancake references are really bloody disgusting.

-She was a traitor to her culture, people and nation.

-Pancakes are yummy.

At 5:10 PM, Blogger Red Tulips said...

I mourn the loss of Rachel Corrie's mind when she was alive. At one point she was a child who did not hate. I mourn the loss of her innocence.

At the time of Rachel's death, she was a depraved hate monger whose mind was long since dead. I have not even a scintilla of sympathy for her family for the loss of Rachel's physical life back in 2003. However, I feel bad that someone who could have made something of her life decided to go to the dark side, so to speak.

I mourn the loss of Rachel Corrie's mind, and the millions and millions of Rachel Corries that have given into hate around the world. THAT is the real tragedy.

At 6:44 AM, Blogger zeke said...

I agree with Steve as well as bacci40. I cannot blame the bulldozer driver, nor would I ever. I feel sad for that individual.
I do feel no sympathy for Rachel Corrie's parent's as well because it was thier indoctrination that led to thier daughter's death. Thier bloody thirst for idealism made them blind and ignorant. Otherwise known as child abuse. And that makes them monsters in my eyes.

At 11:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Israel is doing to Palestine is disgusting.

Any death is unnecessary. Children are not born Jewish, Muslim, Christian, French, Palesinian, Israeli - they are made into these things.

Your comments are disgusting.

I have nothing against anyone - except deluded, ignorant people.

I hope you all find a solution where you, your families or anyone elses do not get hurt or have to experience loss.

My thoughts are with you.


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