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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Kadima: Grant amnesty to violent cops

Leave it to Kadima. The party with no values wants to grant amnesty to violent cops, so the next time they won't hesitate to bash 'settlers' heads in.
MK Aryeh Bibi of the Kadima party filed a motion on Monday morning for a bill granting amnesty to members of the security forces who were found guilty of violent acts during the expulsion of Jewish residents from Gush Katif.

According to the proposal, security personnel will not bear their punishment if they were convicted of an offense that that did not pose a danger to human life.
The picture is my son's friend who was beaten up at Amona four years ago. The cop who did that ought to spend a long time in jail thinking about why he behaved like an animal and beat a bunch of unarmed passive kids. He should not get off scot free whether by amnesty or otherwise.


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