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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coats: Military option is the only way to stop Iran

Indiana Republican Dan Coats, who is trying to win back his old Senate seat, says that the only way left to deal with Iran is to use the 'military option.'
Coats said most Americans agree that Iran must not be allowed to have such weapons, even though Iranian leaders continue to press forward with their nuclear program.

"And yet, no one has gone past that point and said 'If it's unacceptable, what are we going to do?,'" Coats said. "And now it seems we're being asked to accept the unacceptable."

"And the only option now is potential military action if we're going to stop this," he continued. "The unknown factor in all of this is the situation the Israelis are in, sitting there looking at the nation that's proclaiming it wants to eliminate that country from the face of the earth. And that's the kind of threat that I think America has not understood."
The problem is that the American people are gradually being pushed into accepting 'containment' rather than doing something to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon. Most Americans don't even realize it. And there is no effective 'containment' strategy for Iran.

But Coats is right on.


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