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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hezbullah leaders were supposed to be on Ethiopian flight?

Remember the Ethiopian Airlines jet that crashed due to weather-related problems shortly after takeoff from Beirut Airport? This one gets more interesting by the minute.

During the week there were a couple of stories that claimed that the crew ignored instructions from air traffic control and headed in the opposite direction to avoid bad weather.

Let's go to the videotape.

Note what they said about the flight being 'off course.' I even saw stories during the week that said that the pilot had flown in the 'opposite direction' of what he was told to fly.

Now comes word that some Hezbullah bigwigs were supposed to be on the flight. Hezbullah denies it.
Hizbullah denied on Wednesday claims that the Ethiopian plane crash was a "deliberate" attack based on the hypothesis that a high-ranking Hizbullah delegation was supposed to be on the plane.

In a statement released by its media relations, the group said that Lebanese daily Al-Liwaa had made use of the circumstances surrounding the expected travel of MP Nawwar Sahili on the plane in order make a claim that has no relation with the truth.

"What the daily said about a high-ranking delegation of Hizbullah supposed to be on the plane is not true and has no actual basis," the statement read.


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